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Bridal Sarees

The following Categories of Bridal Sarees have been procured from Different and Diverse parts of India to give you an unmatched selection of Wedding Sarees surely not to be found elsewhere. The Indian Traditional Costume is fit for a Queen and you would definitely be pictured as one adorned in our Special Selection of Bridal Sarees brought together by the Silk Experts since 1924.

Kancheepuram Wedding Brocades

Kancheepuram Sarees have always and continues to woo the Imaginations of a Bride with its aesthetic designs, textures and colours. Find an Impeccable Collection of finely woven authentic Kancheepuram Silk Sarees with a touch of sophistication that will surely be a delight for the modern day bride. After all, some Traditions outlive all Trends.

Banarasi Mughalai Collection

The traditional hand-woven masterpieces from Banaras, also known as Varanasi, still impose an alluring charm to every woman. Banarasi Mughalai collection is a special array of hand-woven sarees with intricately crafted gold and silver brocades and varying designs creating an extraordinary work of art, best suited for that special occasion.

North Indian Heavy Work Sarees

As the name suggests, the Heavy and Elaborate Embroidery Work, the Complex Zardozi or Spring Work and the Sparkling Sequence Work define this Bridal Collection. With origins from the Northern Parts of India this collection is distinct with its flamboyance and richness of design. This admiring collection comes in a wide range Vibrant Patterns and Colours to make you the Perfect Bride.

Lehenga Sarees

Lehenga Saree is the latest fad among all categories of Sarees because of its sheer Visual Appeal and Aesthetics. Lehenga Saree is a blend of Saree and Lehenga Choli and is a perfect choice for Today’s Bride. Lehenga Sarees stand distinct with its draping style and artistic designs. Find an expansive collection of Lehenga Sarees at Pulimoottil Silks and be the star attraction when you Tie the Knot.

White Bridals

Experience the Magnificence of White in all its glory. Pulimoottil Silks presents ‘White Bridals’, an exclusive collection of White Sarees, specially designed to give you a heavenly experience on your Wedding Day. Clad in White, the bride is all ready to enter the next stage in her life.

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