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Casual Sarees

At Pulimoottil Silks, the extraordinary and vast collection of Casual and Daily Wear Sarees is Jaw Dropping. Woven across India, we bring you the finest Selection in this category and you can see the difference in our Collection. Come and Check it out…

Cotton Sarees

Made from the Most Admired Fabric among Women, Cotton Sarees are summer friendly and the most pleasant wear of all time. Being the fabric of utmost comfort and grace, Cotton Sarees have evolved over the years; the types and varieties that are available now is quite overwhelming. Find an admirable choice of Cotton Sarees with elaborate designs and patterns in a wide range of colours and textures at Pulimoottil Silks and get wrapped in Sophistication and Elegance.

Cott-Silk Sarees

The Latest collection of Cotton Silk Sarees blends the Comfort of Cotton and the Vivacity of Silk to give you an attire of both Chic and Stylish. Cotton Silk Sarees are available in various colour combinations and classic designs and is perfect attire during summer season. The Popularity of Cotton Silk Sarees is growing at a swift rate in the recent times because of its sheer Beauty and Class.

Art Dupion Silk Sarees

A true work of art, the Art Dupion Silk Sarees beautified with creative designs is a stunning collection of Style and Splendor. The Impeccable Thread Work and Diversity of Colours of these Sarees is its ‘Stand Out’ feature. Find an exceptional collection of Art Dupion Silk Sarees in wonderful designs and patterns at Pulimoottil Silks.

Surat Synthetic Sarees

A delight to own, Surat Synthetic Sarees comes in exquisite designs and colours that are awe striking. Given life by master craftsmen from Surat in Gujarat, a section of our store is dedicated to these Sarees. The Elaborate Embroidery (Thread) and Sequence Work make this Saree a popular choice.


Best suited as a regular wear, Chiffon Sarees provide a deep sense of coolness and ease of wear. This range comes in traditional and abstract designs and is available in attention-grabbing shades. Explore the world of Chiffon Sarees and let the compliments flow in.

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